I have just made a facebook page! keeping up to date with new products and future projects :) 


Pink Rooms - Milan designweek 2008 by vindesign on Flickr


Valentino haute couture detail :)

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here is a sexy selfie from 2011 - when i used eat clean and exercise regularly! i’m stuck in bed with the flu trying to remember what it was like to feel healthy… 

jazzy flowers from transparentflowers.tumblr.com    

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Here is a little selection of just some of the earrings from my new Warrior Princess inspired collection :)

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Anonymous asked: I FEEL YOU i have to go to an office job so i can't get all punked out anymore but i swear to god the second i retire the first thing i'm doing is getting a mohawk. i'm gonna be the punkest old lady around.

awesome! i have a feeling our generation of old ladies are going to be pretty badass :D  





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